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The Thomas Collective shaves off hours of pitching time using Propel

By saving many hours each week on pitching (while still personalizing each pitch) – which gives them more time to develop creative campaigns and increase results

The Thomas Collective is a small creative PR agency in New York City that turns ideas into dazzling campaigns for consumer brands. I mean, just take a look at the photo of their Mercedes campaign with pink lights and dancing! TTC has won top honors in PR Daily’s Video and Visual Awards and taken the gold at the Stevie Awards. This company is not afraid to get their hands dirty -- or sparkly for a client. The firm offers media and influencer relations. When it came to pitching stories to editors, the TTC relied on more than 5 tools to find media contacts, learn about new publications and monitor relevant news. It was a mess. Now, things are clear. 

The problem

In addition to struggling to find organizational workflow with the multiple software tools TTC was using to find targets, and monitor coverage, this boutique agency was spending a lot of time creating manual reports and keeping track of all communications with journalists and influencers, across dozens of spreadsheets. 

Inboxes were becoming cluttered with Google alerts, and key information about pitching campaigns might as well have been a loose CD falling between the passenger seat and the console of a 1999 Camry. Gone until you get that thing to the car wash. In other words, information about correspondences were getting lost between platforms and misplaced by team members across too many spreadsheets. This was preventing a more natural flow of business.

The solution

Propel’s software became a one-stop shop for the entire PR workflow – from discovering the right targets, to pitching, to monitoring coverage and analyzing campaign results. This year, TTC upgraded their Propel account, to now include the media database and online monitoring tools, in addition to the PRM (CRM for PR) that they started with a year ago. These PR professionals found their work had become seamless. Not only did the day to day tasks get simpler, but the plugin allows for scheduling and tracking pitches, which TTC says is a great help.

The results

By being able to organize all of the team's work in one system, TTC has become more efficient and timely. Today setting up and getting out a pitching campaign takes minutes instead of hours and moreover, without sacrificing on personalization of pitches. And best of all, they can measure which pitches are resonating and hone in efforts on what’s working  – which improves results for clients.

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