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Global Media Database

Meet Amiga, your new best friend! Short for “Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant,” Amiga is the first end-to-end, AI-powered assistant for PR. Most specifically, it is the first-ever Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) tool. Use your new industry bestie to generate highly personalized strategic PR pitches, press release drafts and media lists.

Global Media Database

Discover journalist contact information with the most comprehensive media database software for public relations professionals on the market. Create and maintain relationships with journalists, understand all past correspondence with contacts across your team, and the pitching preferences of each journalist – including topics, time and day that they will most likely respond to a pitch.

Gain access to: 

     → 1M+ Journalists

     → 3B Articles

     → 50M+ Twitter influencers

Journalist Search

Make your pitches more targeted and effective. Using Propel’s database of 1M+ journalists across 300 different categories, filter and find exactly the right journalists to pitch for each campaign based on their pitching preferences and previous articles written. 

Search contacts by:

  • Topic category
  • Outlet prominence
  • Media outlet
  • Contact Name
  • Job title

Article Search

Discover new journalists based on what they actually write– save time building media lists without relying on manual research, scanning the news and cross-referencing data. Use our database of 1B+ articles to cut down on hours of busywork.

Filter articles by:

  • Keywords
  • Author
  • Date
  • Language
  • Outlet domain
  • Location
  • Word count

Outlet Search

Quickly understand and expand into niche industries by discovering new and relevant outlets based on:

  • Topic
  • Industry relevance
  • Location
  • Media type

Twitter Influencer Search

Access over 50 million influencers and identify those that are having the biggest impact on topics that are most relevant to your campaigns. 

Filter influencers by:

  • Topic
  • Location
  • Bio
  • Tweets
  • Name
  • Language
  • URL 
  • Followers
  • Following


What is a public relations media database software?

Public relations professionals use media database software to keep track of media contacts, news opportunities, coverage and more. Media database software can improve productivity by allowing PR pros to perform tasks such as compiling contact lists based on geographic location, creating public relations outreach campaigns, and analyzing the reach of each campaign in real time. A public relations media database software can be used in conjunction with other digital PR tools such as social media management software, social media monitoring software, and email marketing software.

What should I know when comparing media database companies?

There are a lot of different companies out there that offer media database tools. How do you know which one is right for your needs? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision: 

  1. The size of the database you’re looking for, or looking to house.
  2. The type of information you're looking to track. Some software is better equipped to handle certain types of data than others. 
  3. The types of contacts you need access to.
  4. Your budget.
How do you collect your media contact database information?

A public relations media database is a software that helps you keep track of the media contacts you have and collect it all in one place. It's important to keep track of your media contacts in a centralized system so you can connect or follow up with them easily and efficiently. The best way to use a PR media database is to keep contact information up-to-date, organized and accessible for your team.

Does Propel have a global media database?

Propel has a global media database of over 1 million journalists, 3 billion articles and over 50 million Twitter influencers. It is user-friendly and saves PR professionals hours of time with various search filters and real-time contact updates for journalists, news articles and influencer contacts.

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