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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Propel different from other PR software?

We are the first PR software you will fall in love with. Propel is the first and only PR tool founded by PR pros. We believe in flexibility and friendliness.
We ❤️ you, our customers, and we incorporate your feedback into the platform. And we are the original creators of PRM (Public Relations Management), the new standard in the PR software.

What can Propel help me do?

We help you discover, pitch, monitor and analyze your earned media -- all in one tool. Find the right targets to pitch, with the best media database and article research tool on the market. Pitch campaigns easily and effectively directly from your own email inbox. Keep a pulse on your brand, competitors and campaigns with monitoring. And finally, measure performance and ROI of your earned media campaigns.

How does pricing work?

We offer a series of flexible plans to help you reach your unique PR goals. Book a demo with our team to learn more:

Is the media database global?

Yes, our 🌍media database consists of 1 million+ journalists across the world, 50 million+ influencers throughout the globe, 3 billion+ articles across the web.

Can I pitch right from my own Gmail or Outlook inbox?

Absolutely. We are the first PR software to integrate with Gmail and Outlook. You can pitch from the comfort of your own inbox and track opens and responses.

What is PRM?

PRM is the new standard for managing your earned media. From maintaining and building media relationships, to pitching effectively, monitoring and measuring success of campaigns and team performance – PRM is redefining PR software.

Why is Propel the first lovable PR software?

We were created by PR pros, for PR pros. We understand your pain points and want to make your lives easier. We offer monthly or annual plans – we don’t believe in locking you in. We love our customers and incorporate your feedback into our platform. We are easy to work with and have awesome customer support.

Who founded Propel?

We are the brainchild of PR industry leader Zach Cutler, who owned award-winning New York PR agency Cutler PR, until selling it in 2018 to build Propel. Our tool is based on the many years Zach spent in PR, and the pain points he felt. He realized that PR software was missing the critical “execution” functionality that links the “discovery” and “monitoring” capabilities. So we built the first-ever PRM (Public Relations Management) platform to unite the entire PR workflow and improve the lives of PR pros like you.

When was Propel started?

We started dreaming in 2016, began engineering in 2018, and released our product out of beta in 2019.

Where is Propel based?

We are headquartered in Tel Aviv, with teams in Washington D.C. and London.

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