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Privacy & Cookies

Privacy and Cookies Policy

The following terms shall have the meanings stated next to them, unless the context otherwise requires or otherwise defined in this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

"Company" or "Licensor" – Z.M. Corporation Ltd.
"Contacts" – contact details of pitch targets, such as reporters.
"Content" – any content uploaded to Propel in any format or medium, including files/URLs, video clips, images and text, comments, any details of Contacts (as defined above). etc.
“Corporate Entity” - any organization formed to act as an independent entity to carry on business or other activities, including without limitations: company, corporation, trust, partnership etc.
"Propel" – the Company’s public relations CRM and analytics platform.
"User" – any visitor who registered to Propel through the Site or a Corporate Entity and any authorized representative or agent of Corporate Entity who registered to Propel through the Site.
"Site" – the Company’s site at the following address:
"Visitor" – any person who surfs the Site or wishes to use Propel and is not registered.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company appreciates and respects people's privacy and has therefore drawn up this privacy policy. Please take into consideration that the Company may reveal private information or Personal Data to third parties as part of the Services, and/or as part of compliance with local laws, should it be required to do so.
  2. Information Voluntary Provided by Users. The Company may retain the following personal identifying data provided by a User in the process of your registration to Propel and your use of Propel: your full name, e-mail and the name and details of the Corporate Entity under its account you are registering, as well as other information you will provide to The Company during your registration to, and use of, Propel, such as content of e-mails and messages which are sent through Propel ("User's E-mail Content"), contact details of pitch targets, such as journalists ("Contact Details") which will be uploaded to Propel by Users, including: name, phone number, email address, job title, social account links, media outlet name, topic/category tags, profile picture, address, website and aggregated-anonymized open rates, response rates and publish rates; and including information which will be provided by third parties through which a User may register to Propel (e.g. social networks, e-mail services providers etc.), for example - your public profile information (collectively: "Personal Identified Data").
  3. Passwords. The Company does not store your password. Password management is handled by Amazon Web Services.
  4. Use of Personal Identified Data. The Company uses Personal Identified Data in order to provide the Services to the User, and may use said information in order to (i) improve the Services; (ii) perform analytics for the User, among other things, by examination of performance of pitches created by the User and examination of reporter’s actions; (iii) develop additional features; and to (iv) perform machine learning. Said activities may include machine scanning and analytics of User's E-mail Content, without reviewing or monitoring User's E-mail Content.
  5. The Company may access User's E-mail Content only for the purpose of troubleshooting. The Company does not otherwise review or monitor User's Content. The Company shall not expose or publish or grant access to User's E-mail Content to any third party, except for said purposes and subject to third party agreeing in writing to keep such User's E-mail Content confidential according to this Privacy Policy.

    The Company may access and provide copy of User's E-mail Content if required by judicial order or government authority or otherwise according to applicable law.

  6. Non-Identifying Data Collected Via Technology. The Company may retain non-identifying personal data, which may be used for providing the Services, such as: (i) your approximate geographic position and your time zone; (ii) IP Address; (iii) the web browser and its version you are using; (iv) the version of your mobile application (when applicable); (v) the device you are using; and (vi) the operating system of your computer or device; as other information which does not identify you personally and that is provided during the use of the Services.
  7. The Company may use third-party technological services with your use of the Propel, such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel to track and analyse trends and patterns in relation to User's behavior.

  8. We may unintentionally collect Personal Identified Data due to certain automatic functions and features included in third party commercial software and programs used to operate Propel, our services and servers. We will use reasonable efforts to remove any such information prior to engagement and after discovery in our system. If you know of any such unintended collections, please notify us promptly so we can take the necessary action to remove such information from our system.
  9. Information on Contacts Included in Media List. Propel is a PR CRM system allowing its users to search for relevant journalists, in order to pitch and interest them with stories and articles which they may find relevant and would consider publishing. Propel’s goal is to enable PR people to "pin-point" the relevant journalists for their pitches. We collect contact details of journalists, which may be provided to us by our Users or third parties (the “Propel Media Database”). We limit the data collected in Propel Media Database to such data we think is required to enable our Users to achieve such goals.
  10. Contacts wishing to opt out of being in the Propel Media Database can do so by emailing

  11. The Company may contact you from time to time with various mailings and offers, if you gave the Company your consent to such mailings; however, you may announce your refusal to receive further information at any time.
  12. Should the Company be required to provide information by any competent law enforcement authority (a “Competent Authority”), it will do so subject to a judicial order or any other legal directive. This means, that the Company may disclose your Personal Data pursuant to a Competent Authority requirement.
  13. The Company may use third party Services in order to provide the Services, such as: (i) the following Amazon Web Services: Cognito, SES, SNS, SQS and Elastic Bean Stock; (ii) MOZ (search engine optimization service) and similar website analytics; and (iii) present feeds from other websites and service providers. The Company recommends that you read the terms of use and the privacy policies of those third parties as well: AWS Web Services - and AWS Privacy -; MOZ terms of use -; and MOZ privacy policy - Your Personal Data will be not submitted to such service providers without your consent.
  14. The Company uses professional security services in order to safeguard the collected information. Such services include periodic checks and backups. Nevertheless, even though the company is minded to the security of collected information and uses efforts to safeguard it, the Company cannot be responsible for any security faults that may be caused and are beyond its control.
  15. You may request to review the information collected about you through e-mail, by pressing the "Contact us" button found at the top of each page on the Site and/or on Propel and requesting the Company.
  16. You may send a written request to the Company to close your account at any time, using the "Contact us" button found at the top of each page on the Site.
  17. Propel's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Updated version as of January 12, 2022.

Cookies Policy

  1. Like many other websites, the Site and Propel make use of Cookies – mainly small text files which are stored on the hard drive of the User's computer and enable the Site, Propel and third parties to identify the User, analyze the User’s activity online, provide a better surfing experience, adjust the Site and Propel to User's personal preference and for information security and collecting statistical data.
  2. In addition, Cookies are used to allow third parties, such as Google, to display promotional material to the User on other sites visited by the User across the internet.

  3. The Site and Propel use 'Session Cookies' which are deleted when a User leaves the Site and 'Persistent Cookies' (memory cookies) which are stored on the User's computer, but may be deleted manually by the User.
  4. Every User is entitled to change the settings of his web browser such that Cookies will not operate on his computer. In addition, a User may delete Cookies stored on his computer at any time. User must understand that ceasing the activity of the Cookies or deleting them means that the Site will not be adjusted to User's personal preferences, and he/she may be required to reinsert his login details etc.
  5. It is required to point out that blocking the use of Cookies will prevent User login to and use of Propel; and changing the settings of the Cookies may harm the User's experience and may also prevent use in certain or all the services or features of the Site.
  6. User may find additional information of the following websites: and
  7. By surfing the Site you agree to the use of Cookies by the Site.


  1. This Agreement and the Site (including all aspects thereof, including and without derogating from the generality of the foregoing: its availability, its interface, and its scope) may be modified, replaced and adjusted, fully or in part, per the site operator's sole discretion.
  2. The User hereby relinquishes any and all claim, argument and/or demand in relation to abovementioned modifications.

Updated version as of October 4, 2021.