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Pressed PR Nearly Doubles Its Client Base with Propel

With Propel, Pressed PR achieves 50% time savings in pitching and 90% time savings in client reporting – enabling the firm to nearly double its client base without additional hiring.

Dawn Jones is the founder of Pressed PR, a boutique agency focused on musician clients. Dawn was looking for a CRM but found that all of the solutions on the market were focused on sales and marketing – not PR. That is, until she came across Propel PRM, the first CRM built specifically for PR. Dawn adopted Propel for her firm in December 2018 and describes the platform as “transformative for my business.” The efficiencies, intelligence and time savings that Dawn and her colleagues get from Propel has allowed them to increase the number of clients they handle from 7 to 12.

The problem

Pressed PR prides itself on strong individual relationships and personalized pitching – not a “spray and pray” approach. Prior to using Propel, Pressed PR used dozens of media list spreadsheets to store contacts and organize campaign pitching. The team also used an email plug-in tool to track reporter engagement with pitches. With seven clients, the team was pitching anywhere from dozens to hundreds of reporters each week, across a handful of campaigns every week. Due to a lack of synchronization between the email plug-in and the media list spreadsheets, the team found it very difficult to keep track of which reporters were pitched when, and for what, as well as what their engagement was. They also found reporting to clients on pitching activity and coverage to be extremely time-consuming. 

The solution

By having a clear view of which colleagues pitched which reporters at what time and for what campaign, Pressed PR is able to better manage and build relationships with influencers by using Propel. They are able to access a complete pitching history across the firm for each journalist, and which colleague has the strongest past engagement with any given influencer. Furthermore, they are able to avoid over or under pitching a specific journalist, and can add and view tags and notes that their colleagues can see so that everyone has full context about the reporter’s preferences. All of this is helping Pressed pitch more effectively, build relationships and ultimately secure more coverage. This effectiveness improvement is a key factor in enabling the firm to handle so many more clients than they used to.

The results

50% time savings in pitching and 90% time savings in client reporting

The Propel Gmail Plug-In enables the team to use templates and “bulk drafts” to to get through media lists in a much more efficient way, while not sacrificing at all on personalization. The Propel “bulk drafts” feature in Gmail enables Dawn and her colleagues to create a mail merge that is sent into the drafts folder rather than the sent folder in Gmail – meaning that each email can be individually personalized and sent off. This saves Pressed over 50% of the time it would take them to pitch a media list without Propel. 

Additionally, Dawn and her employees use Propel’s client reporting features to share real-time reports with clients on coverage, pending coverage and other activities in the pipeline, such as interviews. With the click of a button, a report for the last week, month, quarter or a custom time period can be created for a client.

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