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Propel is the added value to a digital and communications agency

Butin PR proves its worth using Propel tracking and reporting technology.

Butin PR is a “small but mighty” digital and communications agency based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The team prides itself in providing clients with the most effective and highest-quality media outreach possible. While they provide great value to their customer base, they have struggled to present and track these successes in a way that measures up to their company standards of exceptionality. Propel turned out to be their unanticipated missing link.

The problem

The Butin PR team produces great results, but they did not have a strong way of showing it. They didn’t have a sufficient tracking system for their media outreach or for the results they were able to achieve for their customers. For example, they lacked a reporting method for the number of media placements, total reach and publicity value that came from their efforts. Like many other companies before adopting Propel, their tracking methodology consisted of numerous spreadsheets, documents and PowerPoints.

The solution

“It was the missing piece we didn’t know we needed,” said Publicity Specialist Jade Quatro, Butin PR. Propel’s email integration feature is a hit among Butin’s publicists. They said it is their favorite and most useful tool that allows them to keep track of their outreach status and results. “Being able to see who has opened our pitches and how many times we’ve reached out to a contact is very helpful,” Quatro said. As the pitching manager, this tool is now a crucial element of her resource bank because she can ensure that all pitching projects are actually working. They can now easily quantify results that align with some of their core organizational values of excellence, service and hard work.

The results

Time and money saved

“Time saved and increased productivity were the results we were most excited about,” Quatro said. “We’re able to work smarter and harder, and therefore, be more productive.” The team has done away with a huge weakness it experienced within their publicity department, specifically. This weakness entailed disorganization and inefficiencies. The publicity team saves a ton of previously wasted time trying to keep track of their work manually, and they can work much more efficiently now, Quatro said. Furthermore, she finds Propel’s team to be ‘highly attentive and communicative’ whenever they have additional questions and/or technical issues. With these quick response rates, they are never held back or left hanging.

Streamlined pitching process

Propel has enabled Butin PR to run a much more efficient and centralized pitching process. With new tools at their fingertips, they can see exactly what is working and what isn’t. Beyond internal accountability, they can now show their clients clear and concise reporting on their media tracking, pitching rates and successes (i.e., number of placements, total reach and publicity value). This allows both parties to understand their ROI and feel certain that they are getting what they pay for, and more. As relatively new Propel clients, Quatro said that they look forward to discovering and using even more of the features this year to make their organization even more efficient.

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