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Real Chemistry team gets every member a Propel account (by popular demand) 

Real Chemistry says Propel makes the team work “smarter instead of harder.”

Real Chemistry (formerly W2O) is where you go for data-driven, tech-enabled health marketing and communications solutions for all things healthcare. The agency is considered the most innovative in the healthcare sector and is growing faster than ever before. 

With 1,700 employees around the globe that bring in $350 million a year in revenue, teams work to represent brands in the healthcare industry with artistic marketing and effective communication. Real Chemistry’s data-driven, innovative media campaigns ultimately help everyday individuals get better access to healthcare. The agency pushes the boundaries within the PR world and have even been acquiring artificial intelligence companies. It’s all in the name of, as they say, making the world a healthier place. 

We spoke with Peter Duckler, Senior Group Director for Earned Media at Real Chemistry. He shared his Propel journey, what his PR needs are and what was most challenging for him before he got started with Propel. We recorded his testimony to share with you. 

The problem

Duckler’s team of 45 was always pitching personalized emails. The agency has never fallen into the spray and pray technique and that means staying on top of who pitched what. Real Chemistry found that with reporters constantly changing beats or even outlets, other tools were not updating quickly enough, which outdated their systems and made their pitches less impactful. Duckler needed intel and he wanted everyone on his team to have the most recent knowledge about reporters’ outlets, their pitching preferences, what they are publishing and even what conversations they have on social media and in their personal blogs. That’s a lot of researching to do for each journalist. In addition to wanting this data, it was important to Duckler that his large team avoid overlapping and pitching the same journalist for the same campaign twice. However, with so many fingers at the keyboard -- who could keep track? The problem extended into Real Chemistry’s desire to have information about interpersonal relationships between PR professionals on staff and journalists around the world. Professionals care about details and accuracy. Real Chemistry was on a hunt for a software that could match their sophistication and credibility. 

The solution

Duckler found Propel and gave it a go. The feature he praised the most was Propel's Gmail and Outlook integration, allowing members of his team to easily pitch in their native email whether they used a Mac or PC. After the first batch of Duckler’s team became Propel users, staffers who didn’t have access were growing a strong interest in the software. Duckler describes hearing knocks on his office door from staff who didn’t yet have the tool. They had come to ask for it. Duckler bumped up the package and within the same year brought every professional onto the Propel platform. Now, 45 professionals can, in his words, work smarter and not harder. 

The results

Real Chemistry is the real deal. There’s no room for outdated information, confusion about who’s maintaining which campaigns and whether or not coverage has been achieved. There’s no more tracking people down to find out the status of their campaigns. Real Chemistry has real results and it’s all recorded in Propel’s platform for everyone to see. Duckler boasts he can pull up reports in seconds that will give him key data points, which offers him a bird’s eye view into the impact of his team’s PR efforts. It’s helpful for him to easily review his team’s campaign successes using the story funnel. Duckler says his favorite part about working with Propel is the team’s constant technological advancement. The database is always updating, new features are added and he’s always finding relevant “hidden features and capabilities” that the sales team shares with him. Duckler finished out his interview by saying he considers Propel a true partner.  

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