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PR pro uses Propel PRM to increase productivity by 90%

“What could take me up to 5 hours to do for 1 client, I did in like 30 minutes,” says PR pro Emily Shuler. “I saw a huge, immediate impact in my workflow when I implemented Propel.”

PR pro Emily Shuler excels in targeted, results-driven media relations. She was used to investing in several different tech tools to support her workflow and help her achieve her clients’ coverage goals, but found Propel in her search for a more all-encompassing answer. With the full Propel PR management suite, she’s been able to improve her PR workflow from all facets and ultimately strengthen her strategy while saving time and money.

The problem

Before using Propel, Emily was missing a proper PR management tool for all aspects of the pitching process. She used several different tools in tandem from various companies that did the job, but proved more expensive and time consuming. It forced a system of many moving parts across several tools that did not house all management functions in one place. As she said, “when you have information in more programs, there’s more chance for human error.” She wanted a more all-encompassing solution that would be worth the investment.

The solution

After extensive research on the PR tech market, Emily discovered that Propel was the right answer to address her workflow needs. One of the most valuable and life-altering Propel features for her productivity is the ability to see an automatic status on all her pitching initiatives in the “Story Funnel.” By seeing which emails have been opened, how many times they’ve been opened and more, she’s able to know when to make her next move, like sending out a follow-up email. “My other favorite feature is the warning notification that you get that lets you know that you’ve pitched that person recently when you are about to pitch them again,” Emily said. With this unlocked insight, she can now be more meticulous about her pitching strategy and save hours of time doing all this research manually.

The results

Neat & tidy pitching process

The search filters in Propel’s media database of over 1 million journalist contacts has made a big impact on Shuler’s research process. “It is so helpful that I’m able to filter down from the country, to the state, to even the city – I’ve never been able to drill down that far before,” she said. “And also, the fact that there isn’t an up-charge for looking at a publication in a specific location– Other media services nickel and dime you for research tools, but every PR person needs them all.”

Not only does Emily have an upper hand when it comes to organizing and managing pitches, but she also saves hours of time using Propel’s “Mail Merge.” This feature makes it easy for her to schedule several pitches at once, but still go in and personalize each one in her email drafts before hitting send. 

A bang for your buck & connection to business goals

It was difficult to make reports on any financial-related matters as well as other accomplishments prior to obtaining Propel. As such, Emily recalls being unable to tie business goals to PR in the way that she can now. She can even attest to the fact that Propel is an excellent deal considering all of the features included in it as opposed to other companies charging a much higher price for much less to work with. 

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