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Enterprise multimedia provider saves 85% of its time managing and building highly targeted global PR campaigns.

“Propel is a 360º tool with a fair price for its service, it has an excellent support team, and the tool itself is constantly improving with new features and services,” said Freepik Company PR and Communication Manager Kaajal Mansukhani.

Freepik Company is an international multimedia provider headquartered in Málaga, Spain. Its team of 470 people specializes in producing and distributing millions of graphic resources of all types to help anyone who needs to create a digital project. Today, Freepik Company is a leader in the graphic content market with over 76 million website visits in the month of August alone. The team uses Propel to save 85% of its time managing and building PR campaigns, and ultimately securing global tier 1 coverage that was not before possible like it is now.

The problem

Before Propel, the Freepik Company team was a victim of spreadsheet conundrum. 

“​​Until we started using Propel’s services, we were manually managing the entire PR process,” said Freepik Company PR and Communication Manager Kaajal Mansukhani. “We’d contact journalists by email, send them press releases or pitch them specific topics and do follow ups by phone or email, controlling the whole process on a spreadsheet, THE spreadsheet.”

The dreaded spreadsheet was the only way the team built, tracked and reported on PR campaign results. Team members spent 6-8 hours building each campaign and reaching out to media contacts.

And finally, all campaign ROI and KPIs were measured manually each month. 

As an enterprise company with 470 team members and an innovative leader in the digital design space, Freepik Company knew this process was not sustainable or sufficient for the caliber of work it delivers around the world.

The solution

The Freepik Company team now uses Propel to improve their PR workflow and campaign results dramatically.

The categorized media database of over one million journalist contacts paired with intuitive email pitching integrations now saves team members 85% of their time carrying out targeted PR campaigns in pursuit of international coverage.

Team members always use Propel’s “Generate Drafts” feature to add a personal touch to each of their pitches for a media list before clicking send.

“For each announcement we needed around 6-8 hours to create and curate media lists and send out personalized pitches,” Mansukhani said. “Now, thanks to Propel, we can easily do this within an hour.”

Propel has been essential for almost all the company’s PR announcements, but campaigns for Flaticon’s rebranding and Visual Trends 2022 pitches were especially successful thanks to Propel, they said.

The results

“In Flaticon’s rebranding case, we managed to create very specific media lists for the U.S. and the U.K. that covered branding related topics,” Mansukhani said.

A rebranding does not always hit the news, but in this case, the company obtained above expected international media coverage for its niche product announcement.

When launching its “Visual Trends 2022” design guide, crafting media lists and personalizing pitches with Propel landed Freepik several tier-1 mentions in design and marketing media outlets. This round of coverage strengthened its position as a market expert, setting a path to team members receiving media inquiries for future reports on trends and inspiration content, they said.

“Propel is a very useful PR tool for any agency or company that is data-driven and wants to keep good track of journalists from around the world and the results of their PR activity,” Mansukhani said.

Since using Propel, the team said it has noticed a clear increase in output from its PR efforts. It has been able to learn more about international media and journalists, and most importantly gain impactful international media coverage thanks to Propel’s thorough, segmented media database. 

The Freepik Company team has seen how its brand awareness has increased considerably, and looks forward to seeing continued growth and campaign results now that Propel has started it on the right course for success.

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