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Media Monitoring

Meet Amiga, your new best friend! Short for “Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant,” Amiga is the first end-to-end, AI-powered assistant for PR. Most specifically, it is the first-ever Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) tool. Use your new industry bestie to generate highly personalized strategic PR pitches, press release drafts and media lists.

Media Monitoring

Keep stakeholders informed at every stage of the pitching process and always have a pulse on the digital conversation. Monitor your team’s success and the ROI from PR campaigns with a full suite of reports.

Tracking Brand Mentions

Stay ahead of the online conversation so you can be a part of it and control the narrative for your business and clients’ brands. Use media monitoring to keep a pulse of brand mentions online, on social media, broadcast news, and in different outlets - all in one place - without relying on manual searches or reminders.

Scheduled Reports

Let your reports come to you. Schedule to have reports on brand mentions across online channels delivered directly to you and your colleagues’ inboxes either daily or weekly. Skip that step of checking in on your alerts - receive them automatically instead and never miss a brand mention.

Media Monitoring Dashboard

Show the ROI of your earned coverage with shareable dashboards that truly measure the impact of PR.

Always track KPIs like:

  • Share of Voice (SOV)
  • Sentiment
  • Mentions
  • Volume over time
  • Volume by type
  • Outlet tier


What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring, also known as media intelligence, is the process of tracking and recording articles or broadcasts about your company, organization, or product in the media. When you track this information you’re able to see what people are saying about you and gain a better understanding of how to improve your brand image or reputation. Media monitoring can be done by hand, but it’s much easier and quicker when done through an automated system.

Why is media monitoring important for PR?

It's important to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive about the future of your business and clients’ businesses, especially when managing mulitple brands at once. Media monitoring can help you do just that. By keeping track of what's being said about your brand, clients’ brands and competitors online, you can get a jump on negative sentiment and maximize your window for addressing such feedback strategically.

What’s the best way to do media monitoring?

Media monitoring doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on the news headlines and social media trends – it also means staying up to date with your competition and other influencers in your industry. The best way to understand and keep up with the online conversation from so many angles is to lean on tech tools to make sure you’re informed at all times, and to track this information for you automatically. With media monitoring technology tools, you can do media monitoring in the most efficient way possible.

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