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Business Outcomes

Meet Amiga, your new best friend! Short for “Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant,” Amiga is the first end-to-end, AI-powered assistant for PR. Most specifically, it is the first-ever Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) tool. Use your new industry bestie to generate highly personalized strategic PR pitches, press release drafts and media lists.

Business Outcomes

Understand the business impact of every PR campaign. Show stakeholders the ROI from your work at any time with automated reports at your fingertips.

The “Business Outcomes” dashboard

FINALLY, measure the ROI of your PR campaigns with automated, shareable reports that connect earned media to the bottom line. 

The Business Outcomes dashboard shows the exact impact of campaigns through direct attribution and general correlation metrics, which connect the dots between web traffic and PR

Always have a pulse on:

  • Web traffic 
  • Goal completions
  • Published articles
  • Backlink clicks
  • Google Analytics

Account Summary

See an overview of all pitching activity by account to see real-time progression of campaign progress across all stages of media outreach. 

Better manage team performance and account health with easy access to key internal stats like:

  • Pitches sent, opened and responded to
  • Articles published
  • Media outreach conversion rates
  • Coverage by account

Metrics That Matter

Evaluate coverage impact with metrics like:

  • Outlet tier
  • Moz score
  • Backlink tracking
  • UMV tracking

Shareable Media Activity and Coverage Dashboards

Show team members, managers and clients the value of PR efforts using dashboards featuring pitching activity, campaign status and key performance metrics that tie directly to the business impact of different earned media placements.

Team Results

Compare individual team members' pitching stats and conversion rates to better understand and guide your team's outreach efforts without having to micromanage.

Analyze team results to:

  • Lead professional development
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Strengthen journalist relationships
  • Acknowledge successes

Top Contacts

Have you ever been able to prove your strongest media relationships? Discover which journalists most frequently respond to your team’s pitches so you can leverage — or highlight — your strongest journalist relationships with a media track record.

Understand top media relationships by:

  • Outlet 
  • Journalist 
  • Team member(s)
  • Number of pitches
  • Highest open, response and publish rate


What are PR metrics?

Public relations metrics are the numbers and figures that PR professionals use to evaluate their work, prove impact to stakeholders and keep an eye on how to improve in the future. Without some sort of metric, it would be very difficult to determine whether or not your public relations campaigns are actually having an impact. There are many different types of PR metrics that can combine to show a well-rounded picture of campaign status and ultimately, ROI from PR.

What PR metrics should I be monitoring?

The best PR metrics are those that can truly prove the ROI of your campaigns. Some examples include website traffic, social media engagement, audience reach, number of placements, and general correlation with business goals. When determining the best PR metrics to evaluate your work, you’ll want to avoid highlighting vanity metrics, which are numbers that give an inflated or inaccurate perception of campaign performance that actually impacts a business, i.e. Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE).

“Switching to the Propel media monitoring software was the best decision we made. The live shareable dashboards make it so much easier and less time-consuming to report.”
Jim Forbes
Director of Communications, Prison Fellowship
“Propel is doing something very unique in the space and I can say with 100% certainty that it is the first PR tool that is truly valuable.”
Trey Ditto
Founder and CEO of Ditto PR

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