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Propel helps agencies and brands to fly

Public Relations Management software that fuels growth

PR and comms teams that utilize new PR software to optimize their workflows and insights have an advantage. PRM helps you increase coverage, gain time back, save money and demonstrate ROI. As the first PR software founded by PR professionals, and the original inventor of PRM, Propel is improving the work and lives of PR and comms pros around the world.

"Propel has made our lives much easier by helping us better manage our contacts as a team. It saves us time and energy staying organized and tracking our campaigns. All the features have helped us minimize our need for various add-ons, simplifying our outreach and generally making things easier. Highly recommended!"

Ryan Davis, Co-Founder, Smarthouse Creative

“Propel is doing something very unique in the space and I can say with 100% certainty that it is the first PR tool that is truly valuable.”

Trey Ditto, Founder and CEO, Ditto PR

"We have been doing media monitoring for years. Switching to the Propel media monitoring software was the best decision we made. The live shareable dashboards make it so much easier and less time-consuming to report."

Jim Forbes, Director of Communications, Prison Fellowship

“After just a few months of using Propel’s media and distribution database, I am pleased at its ease of use and capabilities. I’ve also had a chance to engage with several of their support team members who have all been knowledgeable and helpful.  Propel is a great tool for PR professionals at a much lower price point than similar services.”

Vince Press, Communications Director, Wesley Clark & Peshkin LLP
SMB Agencies
Propel is the added value to a digital and communications agency

Butin PR proves its worth using Propel tracking and reporting technology.

SMB Agencies
Exponential outreach growth from Propel media contacts

BlueDot Strategies communications firm is loving how their operations have evolved after becoming a Propel client. The team said it can provide more impressive, professional services to their own client base in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

SMB Brands
Barpay not your usual satisfied customer

Barpay says Propel simplified marketing and actually simplified sales as well.

Large Agencies
Antenna becomes more efficient and effective after adopting Propel

Antenna didn’t have a standardized system for pitching reporters and found using spreadsheets was easy enough, but limiting. Antenna tried Propel and say they’re saving between 3 and 4 hours on each campaign.

Large Agencies
Real Chemistry team gets every member a Propel account (by popular demand) 

Real Chemistry says Propel makes the team work “smarter instead of harder.”

SMB Agencies
The Thomas Collective shaves off hours of pitching time using Propel

By saving many hours each week on pitching (while still personalizing each pitch) – which gives them more time to develop creative campaigns and increase results

SMB Agencies
Pressed PR Nearly Doubles Its Client Base with Propel

With Propel, Pressed PR achieves 50% time savings in pitching and 90% time savings in client reporting – enabling the firm to nearly double its client base without additional hiring.

SMB Agencies
Ditto pitches more effectively by uniting everyone’s work in one PRM

Ditto PR gets better results, enhances training of junior talent with Propel

Finally, PR software you'll fall in love with.

Propel will improve your coverage, save you time, and demonstrate ROI of PR.

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