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Reporting ROI made easy for Junapr

Junapr communications firm believes that Propel is a revolutionary tool in its own right. Trying out Propel has made the art of pitching and reporting campaign results much simpler for them.

Junapr is an award-winning communications and public relations consultancy based in Charlotte, Vermont. The team prides itself in assisting clients through all things media and PR, from campaign expansion and delivery to digital influencer outreach. Prior to connecting with Propel, they had a set of tools in place, but wished to experiment and look for a better solution in their workflow. They now look forward to using Propel more often.

The problem

Junapr has a strong team that generates impressive results for clients. They support the idea of individual media pitching, and were accustomed to cutting and pasting and keeping up with many spreadsheets to monitor their progress. Although they were okay with what they had, Junapr President and CEO Nicole Junas Ravlin wanted something new to replace certain software tools to “make [their] team more efficient and help [them] provide better ways to show ROI for [their] clients than other firms.”

The solution

As Junapr searched for the perfect solution to make its team more effective, it decided to give Propel a shot, and it was a hit. “Feedback from the team is very positive,” Ravlin said. “I give options to the team on what services we keep year to year - and Propel was high on the list for us to continue with.” Even their clients approve of the great features that Propel has to offer, such as the “Business Outcomes” dashboard. It had such a positive impact that one of their clients made the transition to Junapr from a larger company. In the Propel platform, Ravlin especially enjoys the reporting features and story funnel function that automatically tracks pitch status in one place.

The results

Simplified pitching process

Managers are now able to pinpoint where team members are struggling in the pitching process, thanks to Propel. By incorporating a new tool into their arsenal, they’re now able to manage and brainstorm new ideas in the pitching process, and see exactly what works and what doesn’t. As a result, they’re able to save hours of time, become much more productive, and ultimately increase their ROI, which satisfies the team and their clients. As new Propel users, Junapr conveys that they are already enjoying its features and are looking forward to employing more features and functionalities as they explore Propel to its fullest potential. 

Better serving clients with clear ROI

It’s true that the Junapr team is benefiting from Propel, but it’s also having a huge impact on their clients. A feature like the “Business Outcomes” dashboard has enabled Junapr to share detailed, automated reports with clients to ensure they always understand their ROI.

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