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The Leading PRM Software for Scaling Public Relations

Increase media coverage, save time, track performance & measure ROI from PR. Built by PR pros for PR/comms pros.

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Increase coverage, save time, track performance & measure ROI from PR


Why Propel PRM?

We felt the pain public relations professionals experience firsthand and knew something needed to change - which is why we created PRM, the world’s first CRM for PR. Propel enables marketing and communications professionals to manage media relationships, monitor coverage from campaigns, and track each individual team member’s performance.  With Propel’s automating reporting, drill down into productivity metrics including open, response, and publish rates, and analyze traffic and business goal completions resulting directly from media coverage. Demonstrate the ROI of your PR with the click of a button.

We created Propel to streamline the PR workflow so you can succeed with ease.

Public Relations Management (PRM)

  • Up to 75% time savings on pitching and reporting
  • Up to 50% increase in quality and quantity of coverage
  • 10’s of reports on campaign success, team performance and ROI from PR
  • Manage all of your media lists and contacts in one central location. No more spreadsheets!
  • Understand all past team-wide correspondence with a journalist. Create and maintain relationships with journalists.
  • Gmail and Outlook plug-ins - pitch within your native email and track email opens in real-time
  • Save hours on personalizing pitches. Avoid spray and pray.
  • Keep track of the status of each and every pitch.
Propel PRM is the first full CRM for PR.

Say goodbye to messy workflows, thousands of spreadsheets, and unorganized and decentralized systems that make scaling your agency impossible, ultimately leading to lower profitability.

Start building smart journalist relationships, increasing pitch response rates & get more coverage than ever before.
Time savings
Cost savings
Improved results

Business Outcomes & Productivity Reporting

  • Measure the ROI of your PR in seconds
  • Understand the direct the attribution of PR campaigns towards traffic, purchases and other conversions 
  • Track the general correlation of PR campaigns towards traffic, purchases and other conversions
  • Measure the results of any account, campaign or team member

Global Media Database

  • Discover 1M journalists, 50M influencers, and 3B articles
  • Find the right targets to pitch with the most comprehensive and up-to-date media database in the world
  • Understand the pitching preferences of each journalist – including the topics, time and day that they prefer to be pitched.

Media Monitoring: Online, Social & Broadcast

  • Thousands of monitored news sites, forums and blogs 
  • Millions of mentions monitored across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Thousands of monitored TV and radio stations
  • Never miss a mention of your brand or client. Set up unlimited alerts and compare your mentions compared to competitors
  • Utilize the proprietary Propel Article Authority™ Score, to understand the real impact in quality of your coverage. No more vanity metrics.
  • Measure share of voice, sentiment, volume of coverage and coverage by tier

“Propel is doing something very unique in the space and I can say with 100% certainty that it is the first PR tool that is truly valuable.”
Trey Ditto
Founder and CEO of Ditto PR
“Switching to the Propel media monitoring software was the best decision we made. The live shareable dashboards make it so much easier and less time-consuming to report.”
Jim Forbes
Director of Communications, Prison Fellowship

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