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Meet PRM for Journalists
The first CRM for managing stories, deadlines and sources

Finally, a CRM built for journalists. Easily manage your pipeline of articles, contacts and publishing deadlines in the first-ever project management software built for journalism. Drag and drop stories as they move along the story lifecycle, from conception to publishing. Discover sources and create custom source requests that are routed to appropriate sources across the Propel Story Network of thousands of spokespeople and PR professionals. Get engagement analytics on your published stories and easily share your content to stakeholders and social accounts.

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Who’s in the network?

Leading staff writers, editors, reporters, producers and freelance journalists use the Propel Story Network to discover & manage sources:

pr news
cbs news
pr week
business insider
dd wyers
pr daily


The Publishing and Reporting Management (PRM) platform is the first CRM built for journalists, created by media intelligence platform, Propel. Start saving time and headaches by managing your story pipeline from conception to publishing day, all in one place.

We know many journalists receive upwards of hundreds of story pitches every day, and it can be impossible to sift through the noise or streamline the reporting process. But what if you could receive highly targeted source options and manage all your entire reportng workflow in one centralized hub?

Gone are the days of hastily scanning Twitter or your email inbox for sources at the last minute, or trying to figure out where an email thread left off. Propel PRM enables media professionals around the globe to quickly and easily find and manage all story sources in one place, optimized specifically for journalism. Once a story goes live, you’ll even receive engagement analytics on your published stories and easily share your content to stakeholders and social accounts.

To provide new sources on an as-needed basis, the PRM’s “Story Network” feature uses an AI mapping algorithm to deliver relevant story sources from a community of thousands of spokespeople and PR professionals.

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Have the perfect news sources delivered to you with just a few clicks with Propel PRM’s “Story Network.” Make source requests through the Network, and we’ll deliver a range of highly tailored options right to your email inbox.

When crafting a story and all that’s missing is the perfect source or the right quote from an expert, one of the biggest challenges is knowing where to look! With the Story Network, start finding higher quality sources to enrich your news stories faster and easier than before.

You can now target which spokespeople and PR people you want to reach out to based on a specific topic and receive sources that are truly relevant to the stories you’re working on. We select the best source connections to share with you from a community of thousands of spokespeople and PR professionals around the globe, using an AI matching algorithm.

Use the Story Network to make specific source requests for your stories using the Propel Publishing and Reporting Management (PRM) platform to seamlessly share meaningful news.


Story management just reached a whole new level. Get organized with a “story funnel” made specifically for journalism to manage your reporting progress and story statuses all in one place.

Source status:

Easily keep tabs on where each story leaves off with status updates like:

In correspondence with source
Interview scheduled
In progress
Sent to editor

Report on results:
Get engagement analytics on your published stories and easily share your content to stakeholders and social accounts.

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Start managing your sources without all the headaches. No need to sift through your inbox like a search engine to figure out where things left off across dozens of stories!

Use searchable directories to revisit any story tips you’ve previously received or requested:

Source Management Directory
Visit your source management page to see all sources in one spot, and search for specific sources from all those you’ve previously been in contact with.
task done
Source Request Directory
Use a searchable directory of all of your previous source requests based on topic and a personalizable index of all the source connections you receive.

Deadline management: And what about making your deadlines? Opt to receive new source tips up to a certain date, and if the right contact is not provided by that date, you can either choose to cancel your source request or extend the deadline beyond initial specifications if the story lends itself to flexibility in the publishing timeline.

Immediately notify sources when an article is published via Propel PRM’s email automations.

And finally, take advantage of “source limits.” The Story Network will not unleash a flood of unwarranted emails about source requests you don’t need. Keep your sanity by limiting the number of source options you receive based on personal preference.


What is a CRM for journalists?

A CRM for journalists is an all-in-one platform for managing the entire reporting process from researching sources to tracking the workflow through publish date. Having a CRM to manage relationships with PR professionals, keep track news tips and more allows you to  always understand where your stories leave off and seamlessly meet story deadlines.

What’s the difference between the Pitch Network and HARO?

The Story Network differs from HARO in that it uses an AI mapping algorithm to deliver a unique selection of source options per each specific journalist’s source request. When journalists make source requests via the Story Network, they can opt to receive a set number of source options from a community of thousands of globally based PR professionals directly to their inbox. Alternatively, HARO sources are untailored, resulting in PR pros having to sift through thousands of journalist source requests in one forum.

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