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Ditto PR enhances training and development of junior talent, builds journalist relationships with Propel

A technology that works for them, rather than the other way around

Ditto is a midsize PR agency located in New York, San Francisco and London. Ditto tried adopting CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce in the past, but found that because those platforms were built for sales and marketing – not for PR – they had to adjust and conform to how the system worked rather than how they wanted to work. Ditto’s leadership feels the opposite about Propel. Because Propel is the first CRM built specifically for PR and media relations, the workflow fits like a glove into Ditto’s natural work habits. CEO Trey Ditto says, “I can say with 100% certainty that Propel is the first platform in PR that is truly valuable to what we do.”

Ditto PR enhances training & development of junior talent with Propel

The fast-growing agency uses Propel to understand how account coordinators and account executives are performing in their media relations work. By being able to see each team member’s volume of pitches sent and volume of coverage secured for any time period – broken down by campaign, account, reporter, or overall – Ditto managers are able to make sure output and results are on track. With the data, they are able to see early warning signs regarding productivity or results, and are able to address them before it’s too late. Additionally, everyone is able to see their own open rate, response rate and coverage rate – related to a pitch, campaign, account, specific reporter, or overall. This data gives everyone in the firm tremendous insight into what is working and what needs improvement, and allows managers to identify high performers and low performers very easily. Ditto uses these insights to coach and professionally develop team members.

Pitching more effectively by uniting everyone’s work under one umbrella

Propel enables Ditto to “for the first time bring everyone’s work together under one umbrella,” says Trey. “The platform forces us to think about how we reach out to reporters.” Everyone in the firm is able to see if a reporter was recently pitched by a colleague, and what the result was. They are also able to see all of the media lists that the reporter is on at any given time, and all of the past pitches that were sent to a reporter. This enables Ditto to manage the cadence of communication with each reporter in a very informed way, making sure that the target is not over pitched, under pitched or double pitched. This data also enables the firm to quickly identify who in the firm has the strongest past engagement with a reporter, so that existing relationship can be leveraged. To share qualitative info, team members take and see notes – whether an anecdote, tip, etc. – on a reporter’s profile, which colleagues can see. Trey says that “Propel has allowed us to take all of these unknowns, starting with how do we make the list, who are these reporters, how have they responded in the past, what do we do next – and it’s answered those questions for us.”

Account managers and ACs/AEs are saving hours each week

Ditto managers save hours of time each week by being able to quickly look at how a campaign, account or team member is performing, without having to collect info manually by shouting across the office or digging through emails and reports. Ditto ACs and AEs are saving tremendous time each week as well, through the efficiency and organization that the system gives them throughout their pitching workflow. Best of all, everyone pitches right through Gmail with Propel’s Chrome extension – so that the native email experience is not interrupted.