Finally, tie PR efforts to business outcomes for your clients!


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Sep. 4 @ 12:30 PM ET

Learn about how to directly tie your PR efforts to business outcomes for clients and execs. Are clients asking how your PR campaigns are affecting their business and what the ROI is? Finally, be armed with the knowledge and tools that enable you to do that for your clients! In this webinar, we will discuss:

1. Why PR must be able to show business outcomes and ROI (5 min)

2. The gaping holes of current PR reporting (3 min)

3. The solution! (5 min)

4. Direct vs. general attribution (3 min)

5. The critical metrics (10 min)

  • Website traffic

  • Demo requests

  • Online purchases

  • Content downloads

5. Q&A

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Business outcome metrics we'll discuss

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About Our Presenter

Zach Cutler is a PR/comms veteran and is co-founder and CEO of Propel. Zach created Propel, the PR Productivity Platform, after running his own New York-based PR firm, Cutler PR, for nine years, and identifying a need for innovation within the industry. Zach sold Cutler PR to award-winning New York-based Kite Hill PR in January 2018 in order to pursue Propel and his dream of moving the PR industry forward.

Zach grew Cutler PR to a 15-person firm with a roster of world-class tech clients including Gett, Trivia Crack, Andela, Taboola and many others. He was named in 2015 as one of the 100 most influential tech PR agency executives globally, alongside leaders from Edelman, Ruder Finn and other top agencies. He was named by Forbes as one of "20 Entrepreneurs Shaking up New York's Tech Scene."

Zach is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, and his thoughts on PR and technology have been published in TIME, Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and others.

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